Monday, May 04, 2009


A few misc. updates...

Today I watched a man wielding a brief case walk straight into a lamp post.

We've been in a new hotel in Atsugi (Loisir Hotel, near Hon-Atsugi station) because our previous hotel in Ebina was booked for Golden Week. Even though Atsugi is just a few train stops away, it has a very different feel from Ebina. Hon-Atsugi is older, perhaps dirtier but bigger and more established than Ebina. There's more going on here. We'll probably be here until we find an apartment, probably back in Ebina.

I've been taking the train to work the last few days. 10-minite walk to the station on either end, my commutes have been about 50-minutes door-to-door. But with better planning, I could probably shave that down to 40. Also, there's a connection I have to make at Atsugi station, which there won't be once we're back in Ebina.

We were taken on a trip to the Mount Fuji area Yesterday. It was a blast, and I hope to be able to take future visitors there.

This is all probably better documented in photos (mine here), though I missed the guy walking into the lamp post.

Lisa has been updating her albums incrementally. So those not getting picasa emails are probably missing out.

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